Wednesday, December 21, 2005

The Political Pit Bull on the Powers of a Wartime President

I found a good post on the powers of a wartime president over at the Political Pit Bull. Overall it is interesting to see the discussion on surveillance in wartime and what constitutes 'wartime'. On a side note, I've been saying for about a week now that we may end up fighting Islamic extremists for centuries, and guess what?! He says about the same thing. Check out the article over at The Political Pit Bull.


Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Tammy Bruce Speaks Out on the Morality of the Death Penalty

I didn't believe many people think like I do concerning such things as the death penalty, but Tammy Bruce has an older post that states most of my opinion quite eloquently. To summarize it, it is quite moral and just to administer the death penalty to murderers because granting life to those that take lives is unjust in itself. It is worth a read over at Front Page Magazine


Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Tammy Bruce says the real reason is Hollywood's Crappy Product

Tammy Bruce has a great opinion piece on why Hollywood's decline in sales over the past 15 years might not be ticket prices and DVD sales after all. I think she's hit the nail on the head so check out her article.


Monday, December 12, 2005

Arnie to Tookie - Time for the Dirt Nap!!!

So Gov Schwarzenegger has made a decision not to grant clemency for convicted murderer and Crips gang founder Tookie Williams. Yahoo News has the article.

While NAACP President Bruce S. Gordon thinks there was no consideration given to the prospect of redemption, I say that redemption was far too little, far too late, and apparently motivated by a desire to live instead of atonement for past transgressions.

I believe attempts at redemption must be genuine in order to gain merit. In Tookie's case it has been one attempt after the other to avoid and delay sentence. Add in the key elements of never owning up to the murders or showing remorse for them and what do we have? We have something, but I'm not ready to call it redemption, and for one reason. Why? The genuine label slides right off like Tookie is coated with teflon.

I think Governor Schwarzenegger had a tough decision to make, but I believe he made the correct decision. Well done, Governor!


Arab Influence Buying?!

So Fox News has learned the hard lesson, namely that 'Freedom of the Press' is limited to those who own one.

Front Page Magazine has a good article on how Saudi Prince al-Waleed binTalal managed to buy himself a news outlet that will print what he wants for cheap.

To top it off he wants to 'Spread the Message' all over America. Something tells me what he intends to spread is a load of Wahabi crap.

We need to send this a-holes a message that they can't just buy up our news organizations and then use them to indoctrinate us with their utter bullshit and put the 'spin' they want on things.

The article is worth a read so check it out at FrontPage Magazine.


Sunday, December 11, 2005

KOS Kiddies up in Arms over Bush Speech given to Troops

Oh lord. I can't believe the utter ignorance of the people involved in this debate over at KOS.

The military rules are straightforward. You may not attend a political rally or fundraiser in uniform. You may not work for a political party while serving in the military. There are a few more, but the intent of the rules are to prevent persons serving on active duty from participating in political activities while in uniform and giving the appearance of the military participating in political events or endorsing a political party.

A person in uniform may still belong to a political party, donate to political parties, vote, attend political rallies when not in uniform and so on.

There is nothing that says they may not attend a speech given by a politician that is then used by the politician to make reference to other political parties or party platforms. If that was the case then military members would never be able to listen to speeches given by politicians at all.

The bottom line is the people griping don't understand the rules and the dipshits in the KOStard brigade have picked up on it. and only make themselves look stupid as well by repeating it.

As usual the KOS fools will bite on even the smallest turd.

What a laugh! Too bad having to explain it isn't funny.

Remember white phosphorous as a WMD or chemical weapon? Fifteen minutes surfing Google proves white phosphorous is used as a smoke screen and was in the past used as an ingredient in incendiary bombs. Nowhere is it considered a chemical weapon or WMD yet all the KOS fools beat that drum to death. The same is going on here and all I can say is fools don't and won't pay attention to facts because they only get in the way.

Is there an award for web morons of the year? The KOS kiddies would be in the running for it anytime.


Saturday, December 10, 2005

Joe Leibermann - A Rare Voice of Sanity in the Democrat Forrest

Senator Lieberman's effort to speak out in support of the war effort has most of the Democrat Party in a panty wad bunch. That's just too bad, for he seems to be the only one in the crowd that gets it. The New York Times has the article on the rift that has opened within the Democrat Party.

People like Tool Man Murtha think the only reason the insurgents are fighting are because we are there. What a load of crap! The fact is these people are fighting for many reasons and Americans 'Occupying Iraq' is more one of convenience than anything else. One real fact is many are still loyal to Saddam. Many are being paid handsomely for conducting attacks. Some don't want Democratic reform. Some want power for themselves. There are many more reasons than this too. After all is said and done, the real reason they fight Americans is because until we leave they cannot take over and run things the way they want to. This by the way, has not one thing to do with Democracy, or improving the condition of the average Iraqi for that matter.

The entire anti-war movement fails to see this element of Iraq. Instead they want to see failure. Why failure? Only in failure can they attempt to present a viable alternative platform to the Republican one.

Amazing how in order to present a viable Democrat platform it is vital to paint Republicans as failures. For only in failure of current programs and agendas does the Democrat platform appear to be anything besides the rotting corpse that it is.

This is too bad. Instead of calling every Republican corrupt and every event in Iraq a failure, perhaps they should concentrate on developing a party platform based on the real issues. Let's throw out a couple. Fair tax instead of 600 thousand pages of IRS tax codes. Balancing the budget for real this time. Controlling illegal immigration. Is that enough? I can do more. Of course corruption is wrong, but the Democrats should police their own too so how is that a 'Republicans are bad' issue? Sure there are problems in Iraq, but nothing I've seen constitutes failure, unless you figure things like having a boo-boo on your thumb means you have to kill yourself. Oh, don't get me wrong, if you imagine there is an issue it is an issue to you alright, but you will come off as deranged to the rest of us.

Sorry pal, I don't vote for deranged people.


Friday, December 09, 2005

WIll Arnie Axe Tookie?

So it comes down to a clemency hearing for Tookie who brutally murdered people years ago and now is on death row for the crimes he committed. In this article at Reuters Arnold is expected to make a decision on Stanley Tookie Williams' death sentence.

Will Arnold commute his sentence for, among other things, supposedly making amends by writing books about his gang life?

I do not personally know this case, but it sounds like this man is only concerned about saving his skin. His repeated lawsuits and appeals are all indicators of a man that is afraid of paying the piper, so I suspect his books are also attempts to avoid punishment for the brutal murders he was convicted for.

I hope Arnold has the backbone to see this man for what he is; namely a convicted murderer, who has tried every trick in the book to get out of his punishment.

Tookie needs to send folks a message, but not the 'If I tap dance enough, I can get out of paying the piper' message, but the 'if you decide to play, be prepared to pay.' message.

What's that mean? "ZAAAAAP!", or perhaps in the case of California "It only hurts for a little while!". In either case, it is time to get with the program and give brutal convicted murderers like Tookie the punishment they have been sentenced to.

In the case of Tookie, it is important to understand that redemption for such things as murder lies with the Lord, whom he claims is the only person he fears. Will Arnold send Tookie to his redemption? Let's hope he has the courage to make the right decision.